Why Moving Is So Stressful

  • New stuff to learn (appliances, furniture, technology)
  • Things are now in different places
  • The house is messy
  • Different noises to become comfortable with
  • Everything is hard to find especially when you need it
Red Green Show Comedian Rick Green searches for a coffee cup
Comedian Rick Green Searches for a Coffee Cup in His New Home

Hi I’m Rick Green and I want to know why is moving so stressful? If you google a list of the top stressors in human life moving is right up near the top with some pretty awful things, and yet moving is supposed to be fun, a new start, and a new beginning, and a new home or a new place. So why is moving so hard?

One reason is there’s a lot of money involved if you’re buying. If you’re someone like me who tends to hang on to things there’s a lot to sort through and get rid of. The biggest thing for me is simply trying to figure out where everything is in the new house. The reason it’s so difficult is we have overlapped the move by two months, so for two months we have two houses, the one we’re working on because this place needs a ton of work and you can see i’ve started, and then I forget because there’s a thing that needs doing over there, there’s a patch that needs doing here, those plants got moved, we’re sleeping on a mattress on the floor of the living room. It’s like we’re crashing and we’re 18 years old crashing at a friend’s house, “dude!”.

So part of it is just trying to figure out where things are or where you put them because you know eventually when our furniture comes in another four weeks then we have the house ready for it, well semi-right, it’s gonna be years to get this house where we want it to be.

By time this furniture arrives everything will be in the place where it hasn’t been, everything is like, it’s all temporary nothing is where it should be and it’s never where I just put it down. I have four hammers, four… five! I have five hammers and I can’t find one when I need one.

I’m going to show you a simple example, my wife Ava’s gone off to the hardware store to get some stuff to zap a wasps nest that has shown up in the garage, so that wasn’t in our plans, what were we doing today? Wasps.

Ao Ava’s gone off to get some spray of some kind and I’m thinking well there’s some coffee left over for breakfast, it isn’t real coffee we don’t drink caffeine it’s this uh fake stuff that’s not fake, I know, what do you call it… substitute. Ersatz coffee it’s really good, anyway I want to have a nice warm cup ready for her and here’s what happened.

Okay so let me set the stage, hang on I am a professional television director and producer let me work on the lighting. [Turns on kitchen light] [Video of Rick making coffee and getting confused]

Yeah I know there’s instructions but I’m busy, busy standing here doing this.

This is actually the condensed edited abridged version of what it took the first time around to get the coffee. This is what makes it stressful, it’s trying to figure out where things are.

Messy room
Dealing with messy rooms is one of the stresses of moving.

Messy Rooms

I want to show you something, my wife may not want you to see this but there’s a sun room off of the dining area and here’s the state that it’s in at the moment. I like tools, I like building things, started with lego and just continued. Now to be fair that is the messiest part of the house right now the other parts of the house are slightly less messy, some are completely less messy because there’s nothing in them right now.

I have to get used to what the beeps are because they’re different here. How’s the coffee? Oh too hot, see I’m not used to this microwave. This is the stress, it’s not the lovely new view, it’s not meeting all the new neighbours who’ve turned out to be lovely, it’s the trying to find things and now i’ve lost my train of thought. Why am I holding… Ava, right, she’s coming back. This is too hot. Okay lesson learned, i’ll forget but it was learned briefly.

I think I’ve answered the question why moving is so stressful and what can i do about it? I’m open to suggestions, please, comments, suggestions, if you want to come by and make coffee for Ava.

Honey do you know where the rick wants to know sign is I need it for the end of a video.