You probably know about the vast amount of research on strengthening the brain, making it more robust, and delaying aging. The key is to build new neural networks. How? By trying, experiencing, or learning new things.

‘New’ is great if you’re neuro-divergent and crave novelty. And there are lots of things you can do: learn a second language, take up a musical instrument, learn a new card game or a new activity. (Notice the number of seniors taking up Pickle Ball, Tai Chi, and Bird Watching.)

Of course, all of these skills take repetition and patience to master. So I’m choosing a new activity, something I’ve never done but that I know I can commit to for life: BAKING CHOCOLATE CAKE!

It takes less than an hour, and the payoff is, get this, chocolate cake!

Find the Wacky Cake recipe from Carleigh Bodrug on Plant You:

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