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Webinar with Dr Ari Tuckman

I’ll Do It Later: Why It’s So Hard to Do the Better Thing Now

It’s always tempting to do the thing that’s more enjoyable in the moment, rather than the thing that’s better for us in the long run (like, eat junk food instead of vegetables; stay up late rather than get a good night’s sleep; scroll social media rather than working on that big report). Why do we set ourselves up for trouble–and how do we convince ourselves to make those better choices in the moment?

  • Why do people make choices in the present that they know they’ll be unhappy about in the future?
  • Do some people do this ‘temporal discounting’ more?
  • What role does being overwhelmed play in these shortsighted choices?
  • How can planning help make better choices?
  • How can we help people ‘feel the future’ more so they can make better  choices in the present?

Join us for an interesting discussion about how to make better choices now. 

(Dates/Times to be confirmed)

with Denise Allan

Author & coach Denise Allan’s two “loves” are organizing and making people’s home lives easier.  You may have seen her on one of the episodes of Hoarders

She also is the only certified Chronic Disorganization Specialist (CPO-CD) in the Pacific Northwest. One of only twenty-three Master Trainers in Chronic Disorganization worldwide, a former National Board Member, a Marketing Director and a Program Mentor for the Institute for Challenging DIsorganization, and is the Treasurer of the Seattle Chapter of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO).  I met Denise at a conference years ago, and I’m excited to work with her.  And she’s excited to work with us!

with Caroline Sugarman 

Caroline will introduce you to the Kolbe Assessment.  This unique tool goes far beyond the familiar Myer’s-Briggs Test, by revealing how you naturally attack problems, deal with challenges, or pursue your passions. 

This natural bent is called Conation.  I had no idea what it meant, but wow, it was revealing and helpful. Ava and I found it transformed how we dealt with work, and how we related to each other.  In fact, we’ve had every person who works with us get the assessment.  I can’t do it justice here, but I agree with Dr. Edward Hallowell who wrote, “Conation is the most powerful idea in psychology that no one has ever heard of.”

Caroline is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Kolbe Certified™ Consultant, CQ Certified Facilitator, ESCI Accredited Coach and a highly experienced leader of personal and organizational transformation seminars.