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Up Next! Monday November 28th

Overwhelmed Webinar

 Do you find To-Do Lists frustrating?  All you see is what you didn’t get done.  

You wonder where the day went.  (Or the week, month, year…)   

Whereas the Ta-Dah List will prove that, yes, you have accomplished a LOT today.  Plus, it allows you to identify what’s distracting or interrupting you from what’s actually important. 

Monday, Nov. 28 @ 4 pm EST – 1 pm PST

Chunking Breaking Up Tasks

Overwhelmed by a big project?  Something that’s been piling up for ages?  Or a complex project you can’t seem to start?  (Planning a wedding, cleaning a spare room, tackling a mountain of paperwork, starting a new hobby, or, at our house, tidying the garage so there’s enough room to actually park the car in it!) 

 ‘Chunking’ is a tactic that makes overwhelming tasks doable, and eventually, done.  

Tuesday, Dec. 6th @ 4 pm EST – 1 pm PST

Spread Joy

Here’s an uplifting antidote for the dreaded H.S.S.S.S.D,, (Holiday Season Shopping, Socializing, Stress Disorder).  By sharing ‘random acts of kindness’ you’ll truly appreciate the truth of, ‘It’s better to give than receive.’   

Wednesday, Dec. 14  @  8 pm EST – 5 pm PST

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