Hello, and Welcome

Hi!  I’m Rick Green, a comedian, writer, director, and producer with over 700 episodes of radio and television to my credit. (And a physics degree!)

I have a curious mind.  Endless questions.  I want to know about… well, almost everything.  Especially how to make life easier, happier, healthier, and more rewarding.  

And I want to have fun doing it.  

Rick Green 3 Panel

So, I am producing new videos inspired by questions, problems, and requests from my Patrons.  

If you’re a patron, thanks for your support!  If you’re not, join me on Patreon and in our private chat rooms on Discord.

For my videos, here’s my YouTube channel, Rick Wants To Know – check it out! 

My wife Ava and I have won awards for our work.  Now we’re excited to make a difference for MORE people dealing with life’s challenges.  (Basically, everyone.)  

It’s a big mission, with a simple goal:

Have Fun

Create Connection

Fuel Accomplishment

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